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With 100 tips

Climate-friendly through the day

Guten Morgen

  1. Use margarine ( 0.75 kg CO2 ) instead of butter ( 25 kg CO2 ) for your breakfast roll.

  2. Make yourself tea in a tea egg. Loose tea saves packaging. 10.7 million tons of CO2 caused the production of cardboard and paper in Germany ( Statista 2017 )

  3. Make oat milk ( 69% less greenhouse gases ) or soy milk ( 76% less ) instead of cow's milk in the muesli.

  4. Take palm oil-free spreads. Primeval forests are cut down for palm oil (in Nutella), which are particularly important for the climate.

  5. Make yourself a spread from regional vegetables. Many regional and vegan products can save more than 1 ton of CO2 a year.

  6. Drink tap water instead of mineral water. 1 liter of tap water per day saves 70 kg of CO2 .

  7. Take coffee filters out of recycled paper or

  8. Take an espresso pot for coffee, then you don't need a filter.

  9. Make yourself breakfast from organic products. Organic farming produces less CO2 .

  10. Use solid soap instead of shower gel. 250 ml of shampoo contains 125 ml of plastic. The production of rubber and plastic in Germany annually caused 2 million tons of CO2 ( Statista )

  11. Use cosmetics without palm oil. Primeval forests deforested for palm oil damage the climate.

  12. You can check products for palm oil and micro plastic with the Code Check app.

  13. Make yourself beautiful without a hair dryer. 1 less blow dryer saves 540 grams of CO2 .

  14. Better wear a cotton shirt (2 kg CO2) than one made of polyester (5 kg CO2).

  15. Prefer durable clothing and quality. Cheap clothes do not last long and cause unnecessary CO2. 60 new items of clothing per capita in Germany are the average that are only worn half as long as 15 years ago.

  16. Put on the trousers that have been repaired by the tailor. A new pair of jeans would have caused a lot of CO2.

  17. Switch off all devices and avoid standby consumption with socket switches.

  18. Run or bike to work or do home office. 5 km by car produces 1 kg of CO2. 1 day of home office per week saves around 100 kg of CO2 per year if this means that a 10 km drive is not necessary.

  19. Take food and drinks in reusable containers instead of buying something on the go. This saves packaging.

  20. Avoid printing something out. Use backsides as lubrication slip or for printing.

  21. Choose recycled paper. You can recognize it, for example, by the Blue Angel seal.

  22. Use web hosting with green electricity. That saves 93% CO2. For example Green Sta .

  23. Search the web with Ecosia instead of Google. Ecosia uses income to plant trees.

  24. Better do a web conference than a business trip. For example with the web conference tool from Scitotec from Erfurt or Zoom . 1 time Erfurt Berlin less saves 114 kg (car) or 20 kg (train: ICE) CO2.

  25. Use an email provider with green electricity, such as posteo . That saves CO2.

  26. Better for lunch without meat. 1 kg of beef produces 22 kg of CO2 . 1 kg of fresh vegetables only 0.15 kg of CO2 .

  27. Go eat where regional products are used. Short transport routes save CO2.

  28. Better not french fries. Frozen and pre-fried produce a lot of CO2. 1 kg of chips 6 kg of CO2 . 1 kg fresh vegetables 0.15 kg CO2 .

  29. Avoid to go packaging.

  30. Use the laptop instead of a PC. It works more efficiently.

  31. Shut down your devices and disconnect the power. This protects the battery.

  32. Ride a bike instead of a car to the lake.

  33. Rent a rubber dinghy from friends or a stand up paddle by the lake instead of buying your own.

  34. Schedule a dinner with friends. Cooking together saves electricity and CO2

  35. See if you can buy a table, chairs or whatever you need.

  36. Don't mow the lawn if you can still walk.

  37. Just plant something edible like herbs, parsley or mint for the mojito on the windowsill. Strawberries, tomatoes also grow in pots on the balcony, and of course in the front yard or garden.

  38. Just use peat-free earth for it. Peat comes from bogs. Peatlands only make up 3 percent of the world's land area, but store twice as much CO2 as all the forests in the world together. Warning: garden soil, which is characterized as low or reduced in peat , can still contain up to 80% peat from bogs.

  39. Go shopping by bike or cargo bike.

  40. Take a bag with you for your purchase.

  41. Take reusable bags for fruits and vegetables. Now you can often buy them directly in the vegetable department.

  42. Buy from the region and avoid the exotic. Flown in causes a lot more CO2.

  43. Buy drinks in reusable bottles instead of disposable bottles, tetra packs and cans.

  44. Buy refill packs that save material.

  45. If you want to grill, don't use charcoal. According to Stiftung Warentest , tropical wood is in almost every third sack. Take charcoal alternatives from olive kernels, coconut shells ... or charcoal from sustainable forestry (FSC seal).

  46. Use chemical-free grill lighters.

  47. Avoid aluminum foil where you can. You can use large cabbage leaves as a grill mat.

  48. Chef with a lid. This saves 65% electricity / gas. Cooking 5 times a week with a lid saves 70 kg of CO2 per year .

  49. Cool your drinks in the rain barrel in summer or in a bucket with rainwater.

  50. Recirculating air is 25 - 40% more energy-efficient than top and bottom heat in the oven.

  51. Leave the oven door open while baking. A third of the energy escapes when opened.

  52. Heat water in the kettle, it uses much less electricity than the stove.

  53. Residual heat from cooking is enough for a scrambled egg.

  54. Get a pressure cooker that is more efficient.

  55. Take dishes. Avoid single-use products.

  56. Planning a vacation without a flight . Air travel Frankfurt Mallorca generates 500 kg CO2 . Frankfurt New York 2 tons of CO2 . Canoeing in Meckpom might be something for you. Or by bike to Venice?

  57. But you want to fly, then the CO2 caused by using Myclimate, for example.

  58. Eat everything or use up the leftovers tomorrow.

  59. Do not put hot food in the refrigerator.

  60. Take LED lights. You save 90% electricity.

  61. Use a blanket instead of the heater.

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