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Compensate for CO2

CO2 cut all you want:

  • Protect bogs

  • planting trees

  • Promote climate protection projects

  • climate-friendly investments

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Support bogs

Purchase of certificates from MoorFutures  

  • Moor frog 100 kg CO2 for € 8.50 (Rehwiese Brandenburg)

  • MoorFutures 1 ton of CO2 for € 78 (Rehwiese Brandenburg)

  • Moorfutures 1 ton of CO2 for € 62.38 (Königsmoor Schleswig Holstein)

Bogs make up only 3 percent of the land area, but store twice as much as all the forests on earth together.


MoorFutures are dedicated to the protection of bogs and waterlogged bogs in Germany.



Plant web search with trees

Ecosia does not come from Erfurt, but from Berlin. But everyone in Erfurt can search the web with Ecosia and at the same time plant trees.

Ecosia shares revenue with tree planting projects. In the meantime, 100 million trees ( article / video ) have been planted through the use of Ecosia.


planting trees

Regional tree planting campaigns

Tree planting campaigns

Contacts for planting trees Forstamt Erfurt Willrode

Depending on the tree species, climate and age, trees bind different amounts of CO2. A beech tree grown 23 meters high binds 1 ton of CO2 a year. If you plant 80 trees a year, you can save 1 ton of CO2 , according to Dr. Klein from the University of Münster.

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Support projects financially

Every planted tree saves CO2:

Support reforestation projects and lower your CO2 balance:




My Climate

Support climate-friendly projects

With myclimate you can support climate-friendly projects and thus offset your CO2. Plus: you can choose which project your money should get.


There are many more providers. For example, those with Gold Standard are recommended .




Investing climate-friendly money lowers CO2

If you invest 3000 euros in a climate-friendly way , you can save 3.2 tons of CO2. Federal Environment Agency (page 11) saves a sustainable investment of 30,000 euros 32 tons of CO2.

There is information at ecoreporter . The consumer advice center can also advise you on climate-friendly investments.

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Compensate for CO2

You can click CO2 offset directly when booking a flight. You pay an amount that then benefits climate protection projects and thus saves CO2.

There are also providers like atmosfair on their website where you can offset CO2 by supporting climate-friendly OO2 projects.

Many people avoid air travel and save CO2.

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Your CO2 minus

Compensate with CO2 from climate neutral to "climatetastic"


You can compensate for what you yourself cause in CO2 and thus do no harm to the climate, or even better: provide less CO2 in the air and thus act "climatically". You are doing something good for the climate.

Depending on how much you do it, the CO2 content in the air drops.

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