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  • with green electricity

  • 93% less CO2

  • from 760 kg to 50 kg

  • consume little electricity


Green electricity

Examples of green electricity providers:

At Lition you can directly select a producer and get green electricity from it.



Thuringian shore power

Thuringian land power supplies you with green electricity, which the solar system on the roof of the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium produces. With green electricity from renewable energies from Thüringer Landstrom . you can drive the energy transition yourself and save CO2.


What is special about the Thuringian land current

  • Electricity from citizens for citizens

  • promote regional projects

  • Value creation remains in the region


Natural electricity SWE

Stadtwerke Erfurt also offer natural electricity . The motto: with just 1 euro more per month less CO2 in the air, Erfurt lets you breathe deeply.

Who changes can save 93% of the electricity-related CO2 emissions.

Some companies in Erfurt purchase natural electricity from SWE and receive a certificate for this that they display in their shop.

Always use a pot lid when cooking. Saves up to 65 percent because the heat can escape faster without a lid.


Remove switchable sockets or switch off devices completely. This eliminates standby consumption

Disconnect the power supply when the battery is full. This protects the battery.

Saving electricity:


Use the kettle to heat water. It uses significantly less electricity than the stove


Get a pressure cooker. It uses energy much more efficiently than conventional pots.

Cool your drinks in the rain barrel or a bucket of rainwater in the summer.

Defrost your freezer. This saves 15 - 45% electricity.

Use the hair dryer as little as possible. It uses a lot of electricity.

Choose a light wall color. Due to the high degree of reflection, you need less lighting.

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Disconnect the power supply when the battery is full. This protects the battery.

Choose a light wall color. Due to the high degree of reflection, you need less lighting.

Electricity and CO2 emissions

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CO2 emissions by type of electricity

(Source: Federal Environment Agency )


760 kg or only 50 kg CO2. The difference is the production of electricity. Green electricity is obtained from renewable energy sources such as sun, water, biomass and wind. Conventionally generated electricity comes from nuclear energy and fossil fuels such as mainly coal, oil and natural gas. In 2019, the German electricity mix consisted of 46% renewable energies and 54% conventional energy sources.

Many people in Erfurt use green electricity

overall, they provide 23,140 tons less CO2 in the air

According to the survey, 12.67 million people in Germany received green electricity in 2019. That is 15.2% of the 83.2 million inhabitants.

Transferring these numbers on Erfurt, would 32,591 currently 214,417 people use living in Erfurt green electricity, thus saving 93% of electricity-related CO2 emissions . They only produce a total of 1,629.5 tons of CO2 (32,951 x 0.05t). If they were to use the Germany electricity mix (32,951x0.76t), they would produce 24,769.2 tons and thus 15 times more CO2. In total, they save 23,139.6 tons of CO2 through green electricity, if one assumes the average values of the Federal Environment Agency .

What if everyone in Erfurt used green electricity?

If all Erfurt had green electricity, the electricity-related CO2 emissions of the Erfurt would be from 139,816.5 tons of CO2 (32,591 x 0.05 = 1,629.5 + 181,826 x 0.76 = 138,187) to 10,720.9 tons (214,417 x 0.05) ) Electricity-related CO2 decrease.

All of Erfurt would save a total of 129,096 tons of CO2 thanks to green electricity.

129,096 tons less CO2

Only compensate for climate neutral with CO2

If you want to live completely climate-neutral, you have to compensate for CO2.

Even the diet exceeds the value for climate-neutral life. 0.95 tons of CO2 is the best result that is possible for nutrition with the Federal Environment Agency's calculator.


Here you can find tips for CO2 compensation:



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